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Grounds and Gardens
Kenwood Park Road is in a quiet leafy Victorian suburb of Sheffield and Overdale takes full advantage of its spacious grounds.

Benefiting from 2 beautifully maintained gardens, and patio area Overdale provides residents with the opportunity of enjoying the outdoors whilst still in the safe environment of the home.

Opposite (Upper Garden)

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The gardens are a real benefit from those residents who have maybe enjoyed sitting in a garden of their own at home. Due to the size of our grounds Overdale has 2 large garden areas at the rear as well as a large patio area to the front of the home.

Lower Gardens
Upper Garden seating area around floral water
feature and rockery.

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Upper gardens
overdale Upper Patio with Water Feature
The Upper patio area with shaded seating.
Upper patio with Pergola
Lower Garden at Overdale Residential
Lower garden area provides an idealic and
quiet area for our residents to relax and enjoy
the sunshine.
Lower garden area bathed in glorious sunshine
makes for a great area to pass the afternoons
whilst enjoying the wonderful shrubs and plants.
scenic walks
Overdale takes maximum advantage of having
gardens on multiple aspects of the home, above
is one of the scenic walkways from the upper
garden area down the lower garden.
Situated to the rear of our grounds, surrounded
by our beautifully maintained gardens are 5 self
contained bungalows specifically designed to
serve those who wish to keep their own
independence whilst at the same time not be
too far away from a safe, happy Christian community.


Why not spend a day with us, and see just exactly what makes Overdale residential home so special.

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Overdale Residential Home
29-31 Kenwood Park Road
Sheffield, S7 1NR
Tel: 0114 255 0257
Charity No. 700301